lucabaugh's hay & beef

lucabaugh's hay & beef


A bold, clean, and professional mobile responsive website for Lucabaugh's Hay & Beef based in Glenville, PA.


Lucabaugh's Hay & Beef

skills & tech

Adobe Dreamweaver, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP


Based in Glenville, Lucabaugh's Hay & Beef offers beef by the quarter, half, or whole along with varieties of hay and straw.

Responsive Design

Lucabaugh's website is built on HTML5 and CSS3 technologies that help make the site completely responsive. A responsive website adapts to any screen resolution on any device. This site will look great when displayed on any desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone regardless of browser or screen resolution.


Lucabaugh's site allows current and potential clients to learn more about the shop and artists while viewing the shop's latest works. The site also include an integrated contact form and an appointment form that allows the user to select their preferred artist.


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